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Beware of Free Anti-Virus Software Scams

Don’t fall for scams that try to trick you into signing up for free anti-virus software. These are fake tech support schemes that are all about stealing money. Here are some signs to be aware of:

Free Coupons

If you see special offers, discounts, limited-time deals or other similar items in emails or online ads, these are attempts to lure you in. You may see a web form that requests your personal information and leads you to a false processing web page showing an error message. This message will usually tell you to make a phone call to complete the transaction. Next, you are directed to a call center where someone takes remote control of your computer and identifies false problems that supposedly require immediate repair. The call center agent then convinces you to sign up for the most expensive protection plan.

Other Tricks

Similar patterns may involve the use of the following:
  • Cold calls from fake technology company agents
  • False toll-free numbers from fraudulent tech support companies
  • New messages that pop up on your computer to warn you about viruses or malware on your computer
It is important to be vigilant against anti-virus and tech support scams. Call Network Service Solutions at 253-395-9235 to learn more information and beware of any free anti-virus software scam.