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Safe Practices for Your Mobile Device

Getting a new mobile device can be exhilarating. However, in order to make the most out of it, you need to use it wisely. Here are some general tips for being safe with your smartphone or tablet.

Download From Reputable Places

If you are going to download a new app, then you should get it from the App Store or Google Play from Android devices. You might find other apps available for download from other sites, but you need to do your research to make sure the download is not going to send a virus through your device.

Review Permissions

Occasionally, an app download will have you agree to terms and conditions. This is fairly standard for certain types of program. However, if you are downloading something fairly innocuous and you have to agree to a ton of terms, then you may want to think twice.

Know What You Are Paying For

Some places promise free apps without ads. On Google Play or similar stores, you generally have to see ads with free apps. You may not like commercials, but it is better to see ads than risk downloading something sinister.
Be mindful of what you put on your phone, and you should have nothing to worry about. To learn more about mobile security, call Network Service Solutions at 253-395-9235.